Arduino Engineering Kit Servo example wrong

I'm folowing the lessons on the Drawing robot. In the images surounding the Arduino Engineering kit the wiring is good. Except in the movie on Chapter 4. Drawing Robot. The example when the servo is connecting to the Carrier board is wrong. It should be the other way arround. When I did that wiring that way the Servo just went straight to max right position and you could still hear it trying to move further. Please be awere of this, maybe update the video also?

Hope to have helped you.

You will need to post a link to identify what you are referring to. Personally I have no idea.

Also please note that the people here are not connected with any commercial products - we are just volunteers trying to help people with their Arduino projects.


I assume this is about this product. I do not see a dedicated support forum.

Dear Mark,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I've promptly informed the support, and we are investigating the issue. If you are experiencing further issues I kindly ask you to contact our online support at support [at]


Hello Mark,

I'm Sravya from customer support team. The video has been updated and please do not hesitate to contact us at support [at] if you face any other difficulty.

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Hi. Might be a different problem but I cannot insert the servo the way the video shows it, back (where the wires are connected) in first. Would need to file down some material. Alternatively, putting it in nose first works really well. Think this is probably the way to do it.

<edit. you need to file it down a bit. nose first means the gears don’t mesh. <