Arduino Enginner Wanted for on going projects

Summary of requirements

  • Accelerometer Chip to monitor X,Y,Z factors (+- 6 G’s)
  • Onboard storage (SDCard or flash memory)
  • Frequency probably needs to be collecting the values 10+ times per second (TBD)
  • We need to pull this recorded data from the device via Wifi (via mobile app which we have)
  • Data must be saved in a txt file format that can be easily be read/pulled from the device via Wifi
  • Power Supply small battery (3+ months life span)
  • Size : 2 inches x 2 inches would be nice
  • Data can be expected to record for 1 hour at a time


  • 2 Modes for Activating the device
    ( 1. Manual On/Off via bluetooth)
    ( 2. Activates on movement detected)
  • Wifi disabled while recording data on SD Card
  • Provide Battery Status via Wifi
  • Recoding Frequency Ajustable via Software via Wifi

for more details (or cost estimates) please contact Gary at

Hello Gary, I sent you an email but have not had any reply.

Does this mean .....

  • You don't need the help anymore
  • My skills are not what you are looking for
  • You did not get my email

Cheers Pete.