Arduino Environment menus behaving strange

I just installed the IDE on my desktop (AMD Phenom 955, Windows 7 x64, 4 GB RAM, ATI Radeon 5770), and the menu text gets jumbled up when I mouse over things (see attached photo). The more I move the mouse over menu items the more impossible it gets to read things, and I eventually have to just shut it down. I’ve tried using a few older builds of the IDE and get the same results (0015, 0018 and 0021 to be exact). I’ve also tried running in “compatibility mode” and disabling the aero glass features, but that didn’t change anything. The only thing that works is running in 256 color mode.

I’ve used the Arduino IDE before on my laptop without a problem for over a year now (Core 2 Duo, Windows 7 32bit, 4GB RAM, dedicated ATI GPU - I forget the # offhand…), and I’ve never seen anything like this.

Is this just a compatibility issue with the 64 bit version of windows? Does anyone have any suggestions so that I don’t have to revert to the 256 color to run it?

Thanks in advance!

My guess would be a problem in Java. Might be time to install a Java update?

Thanks for the suggestion. I had the most recent Java version installed (6.26), however only for the 32bit version and not the 64bit one. After installing the 64bit version, and then uninstalling and reinstalling the 32bit version, I’m still getting the same problems - neither version worked. There’s a new screen image attached.

Is there anything else I could try?

Arduino Display Issues 2.bmp (880 KB)

Java is clashing with your graphics driver, I have a setup very similar to yours. I do not have a solid fix but forcing standard windows SVGA driver seems to work. Not good for such a great machine though!