Arduino Environment Won't Open

I've had Arduino 9 & 10 running on my MacBook 10.4.8 before, but getting back to it today, Arduino 10 wouldn't open.. it appears to launch, but the only menu is Arduino, and I can't pull it down, and I can't quit, I have to force quit.

I downloaded Arduino 11, same thing.

Then I updated my OS to 10.4.11, repaired disk, repaired disk permissions...

Reset PRam

Same thing.

Any ideas?


Hmm, do you have any devices connected to your computer that use a virtual serial port (e.g. /dev/tty... something)? The Arduino environment tries to get a list of the available serial ports when it starts, and if there's something strange there it could cause a problem. For example, do you have any Bluetooth devices paired to the computer?

Although I’ve been using Arduino w ArduinoBT, I have bluetooth turned off for now… so I don’t have any virtual serial devices open.

After attempting to open Arduino 11, and I navigate to another app, it never returns to the Arduino menu… that’s when I force quit it.

Console doesn’t make any mention of it.


I'm also experiencing the same exact problem when I attempt to open the latest build of Processing.

if that helps..

Can you run other Java applications?

What do you have in your Java extensions folders?

Yes, it appears that I can run other Java apps, and there's nothing in my Java extensions folder.

Do you have any Input Manager plugins installed? Apparently they can sometimes interfere with applications in unexpected ways.

No, nothing in the InputManager folder...

thanks for working on this!


I’m a bit baffled? Have you asked on the Processing forums? They might have a better idea of exactly what the software is doing when it starts. (Since the Arduino environment is based on the Processing one, there are some parts I still haven’t completely internalized.)