Arduino error tx and rx pins are always on and code not uploading

the lights on the arduino are all glowing i.e. the L,TX,RX and on
when i connect it to my pc or 12 v power supply, all the lights come on. It is not recognised by the arduino software


i tried uploading a blank sketch, changed the serial ports, plugged it in other sockets, other computers, all to no avai. I know nothing is wrong with the board as i have used it before and it was working just an hour before this issue.

normally it would look like this

A very dangerous statement; you could have damaged your board beyond repair (all leds on is a good sign of that). What was connected to the board? How was the board powered when it failed?

This was actually for an rfid door lock system. I had made some months ago, i upgraded it by adding led’s and a buzzer and now decided i wanted a little more. I added a countdown timer for when the door closed. But as i was testing something happened and on next reboot i got this error.
My hypothesis is that i connected too many things to the board.
I found a working way of utilizing the analog pins for the 7 segment display as there was not much space left. So basically i had an mfrc522(3.3V), a 5V servo, a buzzer, two led’s and a seven segment display.

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