Arduino, ESP32 , PS4 controller

When connecting to the PS4 controller and reading the sent data, the ESP goes into error.
Folder Sketch is uploaded.
#include <PS4Controller.h>

void setup() {

void loop() {
// Below has all accessible outputs from the controller
if (PS4.isConnected()) {
if (PS4.Right()) Serial.println("Right Button");
if (PS4.Down()) Serial.println("Down Button");
if (PS4.Up()) Serial.println("Up Button");
if (PS4.Left()) Serial.println("Left Button");

if (PS4.Square()) Serial.println("Square Button");
if (PS4.Cross()) Serial.println("Cross Button");
if (PS4.Circle()) Serial.println("Circle Button");
if (PS4.Triangle()) Serial.println("Triangle Button");

if (PS4.UpRight()) Serial.println("Up Right");
if (PS4.DownRight()) Serial.println("Down Right");
if (PS4.UpLeft()) Serial.println("Up Left");
if (PS4.DownLeft()) Serial.println("Down Left");

if (PS4.L1()) Serial.println("L1 Button");
if (PS4.R1()) Serial.println("R1 Button");

if (PS4.Share()) Serial.println("Share Button");
if (PS4.Options()) Serial.println("Options Button");
if (PS4.L3()) Serial.println("L3 Button");
if (PS4.R3()) Serial.println("R3 Button");

if (PS4.PSButton()) Serial.println("PS Button");
if (PS4.Touchpad()) Serial.println("Touch Pad Button");

if (PS4.L2()) {
  Serial.printf("L2 button at %d\n", PS4.L2Value());
if (PS4.R2()) {
  Serial.printf("R2 button at %d\n", PS4.R2Value());

if (PS4.LStickX()) {
  Serial.printf("Left Stick x at %d\n", PS4.LStickX());
if (PS4.LStickY()) {
  Serial.printf("Left Stick y at %d\n", PS4.LStickY());
if (PS4.RStickX()) {
  Serial.printf("Right Stick x at %d\n", PS4.RStickX());
if (PS4.RStickY()) {
  Serial.printf("Right Stick y at %d\n", PS4.RStickY());

// This delay is to make the output more human readable
// Remove it when you're not trying to see the output


What is the error message?

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