arduino - esp8266 Heater Control from web page

Hi All,

Well I’m finally stumped. This arduino and the likes has been keeping me busy but I have a heater control I’m trying to make controllable via an esp8266 connected to the home wifi.

However I can’t get the inputs sent from the hosted web page to set the right commands on the heater. The code works with just using button inputs but it wont turn on/off or set the variable for the temp.

It should be adjusting the temp by 1 degree but its jumping all over the place
EG:returned: 111----------148801 HTTP/1.1
Connection:þÿÿÿÿTemp Down to25
returned: 111----------148801 HTTP/1.1
Host:þÿÿÿÿTemp Down to15

and the on button doesnt stay on, it flickers and turns off again… off button doesnt work either.

Any help or recommendations on my code (see attached) would be much appreciated. Thank you!

HeaterControl_ESP8266upload.ino.ino (8.24 KB)

oh and to add further to this question, It works with tutorial code just for the esp8266 web server and the heater code isnt an issue as its been running my heater for about 6 months now… Its just trying to merge the two thats the problem.

also, the web page is just a form with some id=“100” etc…


Heater ON
Heater OFF

Thanks for reading… :slight_smile:

either my code is too crappy or not enough people are familar with the esp8266 yet..

What Arduino are you using as you seem to be using pins 0, 1 for software serial and these are also the pins used by hardware serial on most Arduino's I would suggest getting a sketch working with just the ESP8266 that prints out the web data to serial and once you have that working properly then try combining the codes again.