Arduino/ESP8266 to Arduino/ESP8266 wireless communication

Hi there

I want to do an Internet of Things-esque project, making two products embedded with arduinos connected to an ESP8266, sensors, leds, vibrotactile actuators, etc. Each product will be affected by the user on the other product for the purpose of multi-sensory communication. e.g. squeezing one device will cause the other one to light up or vibrate.

I was wondering if it is possible to connect each of the two Arduinos to their own ESP8266 (or an alternative), and get them to wirelessly communicate with each other? I have a spare router I could use if need be to connect them to the same network. Ideally I would want them to be in two separate houses on different networks so two people could remotely communicate, but for prototyping I guess I don't mind if theyre on the same network, or if its too hard, even to each other via blueooth.

I have a couple of Genuino 101's which have inbuilt BLE (as well as regular UNOs and Megas), a couple of ESP8266, 3.3V -5V level converters, and a bunch of sensors, etc ready.

Any info would be helpful, I'm new to wireless communication. thanks a lot!