Arduino + Esp8266 + Twitter

So i was wondering guys can i use the Twitter library with Arduino which will be connected to the internet using esp8266(esp serial library)?

I have used the esp8266 but the problem is that the twitter library was meant for the Ethernet shield. I want to know is there any chance that i can make this work? Any help would be much appreciated.

Edit: I cannot use the Ethernet Shield. I have to use an Esp8266

I just recently purchased a copy of "Internet of Things with ESP8266" and it has a project covering a number of pages in there showing how to post temperature and humidity data to Twitter. Seems like a fairly good book and has quite a few examples of how to do various things with the ESP8266 (it does not use an Arduino but just the ESP8266 for the project). You might want to check that book out.

You dont mention what it is you wish to send to twitter: depending on your project it is possible that the ESP8266 can do it all without use of the arduino at all. If you want to try this you can start with this makezine article

If you wish to use arduino and unmodified ESP8266 then perhaps this may get you started. You will have to send the proper AT commands via serial from your arduino to ESP8266. Its probably easier if you have a USB to TTL converter that allows you to connect your ESP8266 module direct to your computer and use an interactive terminal program such as putty to experiment with the commands until you figure it out.

Most arduino projects that post to twitter use an intermediary service such as IFTTT or thingspeak as posting direct to twitter can be complicated.