Arduino+ESP8266 XML/RSS/HTML to LCD for Weather/News/Ham Radio/Stocks etc.

Hello Arduino Forum!

I’ve been working on a program to pull data from the internet and display it on an LCD. I use a 20x4 character display but this will work on a 16x2 as well. I’ve tried to make this program easily adaptable to many different kinds of data. The working version has examples for weather, news, amateur (ham) radio and stocks.

Data is easily pulled from the web and displayed on the LCD with a few simple parameters.

I’ve been the only person to work on this code so far, and I’d love some input if you have a chance! The code is attached, and posted on GitHub:

I’m still toying with ideas for enclosures and for now I have two working prototypes pictured below. One on a protoboard using a Nano and one self-contained unit using a Pro Mini.

Here are some examples of the display:


Weather in a big font:

Terrestrial-solar conditions for amateur radio:

Amateur radio band conditions:



Stocks (big font):

First build on protoboard:

Second build:

Another view of the second build:

Web-To-LCD.ino (39.4 KB)

I made a quick enclosure from a plastic dollar store photo frame and some screws: |500x384

Hello! I made a new version of this project/code that skips the Arduino. Still uses Arduino IDE but the LCD is hooked up straight to an ESP8266.

New features include mDNS httpUpdate and you can tell the ESP to join any network through a browser!

See the project on GitHub:

or my website: