Arduino Esplora board to control an underwater ROV

Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to use the Arduino Esplora board to control a ROV. I'm new to this and have little knowledge about Arduino boards.

First, welcome to the Arduino forum.

I think it would be a good platform to use as a ROV hand controller. The joystick and diamond control pad would be ideal for piloting a ROV.

For a small ROV with just motors and no motor controllers or built-in intelligence, the Esplora could have a small shield and control the motors using power transistors/FET's or Relays via an umbilical cable to the ROV.

For bigger ROV's with an electronics pod and motor controllers, the Esplora could transmit control signals via RS485 or RS232 over the umbilical cable to the ROV's controller (which could be another Arduino)

What ROV are you building or planning to build?

The ROV that is built is the Seapearch. I have been researching for shields for the Esplora and I haven't found anything so far.

The Seapearch is a fun and cool ROV. I saw one recently and also an OpenROV at Maker Faire UK in Newcastle.