Arduino Esplora stopped working after Windows Update

I am running Arduino 1.0.5 on Windows 7 Home Premium.

My Arduino Esplora has been working perfectly, no issues or complaints from me or Windows.

At some point last night or this morning, WIndows Update did its thing, and now the board shows up as "Unknown Device." The Esplora Bootloader will show up for a short time as COM10, but then it will disappear, and the Esplora (which is/was COM11) will never appear in its place.

I tried reinstalling Arduino IDE, and worked through the steps on the Esplora Getting Started page, but Windows cannot find a compatible driver in the driver folder.

Has anyone else had this problem? I don't have another Esplora to test if it's something wrong with the (almost brand new) board, or Windows. The fact that Windows can't detect the driver makes me suspect one of the updates, but there were almost two dozen different ones and I'd rather avoid trying to sort through them individually if possible.

Best to post in one of the general support forums, the staff do not respond here.

Did you happen to leave it with the mouse/joystick demo loaded? there is a warning about what to do to upload a sketch after running that demo - press reset while plugging it back into the PC and don't release that reset button until just before you can upload another sketch - read the comments in that demo is this may be the case. I think I seen something similar before that recent update.