Arduino Ethernet an AVR ISP


Can I use Arduino Ethernet as ArduinoISP ? Pins used by ISP are connected to onboard Wiznet chip.


If you're willing to tolerate slightly slower uploads, you can use any pins you'd like. SPI is easy to bit-bang. smeezekitty has an example that is built to program slow targets but could be modified to be faster and use arbitrary pins.

Edit: spelling corrected.

Arduino Ethernet works as an AVR ISP with minor changes to original ArduinoISP sketch.
I had to change reset pin to some other unused pin (I used 2), and connect slave reset to it, instead of pin 10.
Pin 10 has to be set HIGH during programming to disable Wiznet chip.

#define RESET 2

and add in setup:

pinMode(10, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(10, HIGH);

Thank you for the follow-up.