Arduino Ethernet and (multiple) other SPI devices

Hi Everyone

I've been working on a weather station for a while now and the outdoor unit is working perfectly using a Pro Mini and a variety of sensors, and solar panel and a small lipo.

My initial plan was to run the receiving/indoor unit on a Netduino as it has network built in and is 3.3v natively, making it easy to connect up to some Nokia 5110 screens, however getting the netduino stable is proving to be a challenge as it's networking libraries don't appear particularly robust.

So, I'm looking at replacing it with an Adruino, however this will be a heavy SPI project, with 7 SPI devices

I'd like to use a normal Arduino Ethernet and add an nRF24L01+ radio, as well as up to 4 Nokia 5110 displays. My plan is to run the screens through a 74LVC245 which should be just enough pins for 4 displays (4 for the core SPI + 1 for each CE).

My question is, will this work? I know the original ethernet shields had issues running with other SPI devices. I believe all of that is solved now but just want to confirm that's the case before dropping the money on an Arduino Ethernet.

I'll be using the RF24 library for the radio, the standard ethernet library and probably this 5110 library as it supports hardware SPI

Can anyone see any other reason driving 6 or 7 SPI devices (I don't know if I will use the SD slot) won't work?

Anything i'm missing that might bite me? The ethernet side is so I can upload this data to WeatherUnderground and locally to a server.

Does a wireless shield make more sense for any reason? I'd like to keep the whole thing small if possible so don't really want to stack shields if I can help it, but if wireless is going to be a safer/more robust option I'll consider it.


Actually, after some more digging the default Adafruit library for the 5110 looks much better, the one above was presumably updated from a much older version.