Arduino ethernet and NRF24L01+ for to solve the SPI connection problems

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by this article,

I understood that the SPI protocol of an Arduino (UNO/MEGA) can’t work at same time with an arduino ethernet shield and aNRF24L01+ transceiver because both devices use the SPI. Also, you have to duplicate the SPI bus.

So, to avoid these problems, I think that using an Arduino Ethernet is possible to use the NRF24L01+ and the ethernet cable without problem on SPI coonection.

What do you think about this? Is correct?

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The slave select comes into use allowing you to effectively put one or the other into slsleep mode or reduce the bus to a lower speed.

checkout sd and ethernet (same time)

Ok, but I can need that the ethernet shield and NRFL2401 must work together (the shield with a pc and the NRF with another NRF), without sleep..

What do you think about arduino ethernet and NRF24L01 solution?