Arduino Ethernet Board and TLC5940


The Ethernet board uses the pins 10-13 for Ethernet.

I want to use it with the TLC5940 to get more PWM outputs. But the library for this chip uses both pin 10 and pin 13. I've read a few posts about changing the pins:

But from what I can read these pin changes only applies for the Ethernet shield, not the board. Anyone know how to do the change when using the board?

Hello, The pins which are used for for the Tlc are connected to the timer1. You have to change the configuration to an other Timer. then you can move the pins also. Which Processor do you use?

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Sorry to revive an old thread, but I have this issue and these resources didn't help me.

I Have a UNO with a TLC5940nt and the ethernet shield. When I follow the wiring and software changes listed here, neither the tlc, or ethernet shield work. Furthermore, If i make a connection between pin 10 on the arduino and pin 10 on the shield, the shield will respond to pings, but nothing more.

I've confirmed numerous times that they both work independently of each other, just not together.

Any ideas?

Upon following this guide: The TLC nearly works with the rewiring. However, it is still getting the blank from 10 instead of 8. any one have any ideas as to why?