Arduino Ethernet Board doesn´t work with USB2Serial ligth

I am trying to use Arduino Ethernet Board, with USB2Serial ligth, i follow all the steps, and i have the next error message when i try to upload a sketch:

"avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00"

I am using a 64 bit computer with window. I installed the driver and i can see the com port in my "manager device" but when i try to comunicate with arduino ethernet board, no answer.

Anyone has the same problem? solutions?

Thanks in advance!

Are you selecting the proper com port in the IDE?

Yes, I can see TX led in USB2serial ligths on. But the Arduino Board doesn´t answer! Any idea?

Well, i think W7 64 bits, has a problem with USB2serial. I really dont know, what happen exactly but when i tried the same board with Ubuntu it works.

Does it mean Arduinto doen´t work with W7 or with 64 bits OS?

Does it mean Arduinto doen´t work with W7 or with 64 bits OS?

The Arduino has a pretty record with winows. I'm not familiar with your new gizmo.

Did you use the INF file used at the bottom of this page?

Yes I used it, also i can see the COM in the "device manager" and i can choose it in the arduino IDE, but no way to comunicate with the board. I am using Ubuntu, but no solutions for using W7 with it till now.