Arduino ethernet board, how is the L9 led supposed to work ?

I am not able to upload to the Arduino ethernet board using the mini USB interface. (Get the AVRDude error). So I am trying to go through this step by step. Serial loopback test works perfectly.

When I power up the Arduino ethernet board (external 5 V), the green led comes on, and ALSO the L9 Led. When I press "reset", or ground the reset pin, the L9 Led goes off shortly and then comes on again. Is that normal behaviour ? Does that mean I have a functioning bootloader ?

Please help. I have great expectations from using Arduino boards, but I am stuck in this start phase.

Did you ever get your upload to work?

I just bought the same board and am unable to upload anything.

BTW... when I power up my Arduino Ethernet (via the USB Serial Light card) only the one green LED comes on (and stays on).

For what it's worth, the behavior of my L9 LED is totally erratic. Right now it's turning itself on and off with no discernible pattern.

Yes ! I eventually got my 2nd ethernet board working ! Without buying another Arduino board!

I had made several errors, and at some stage concluded that my first board did not have a bootloader. I am not sure now that that was true, because I made several mistakes, but I sent back my first board and got a new one that I eventually got working.

Biggest problems were :

I initially powered the ethernetboard through the USB. When I measured the voltage on the board was only 3.3V. It draws too much current for the USB. So I powered it externally. Probably this is why your L9 light behaves erroneously.

I used the mini USB serial adaptor. This does not connect straightforwardly to the ethernetboard. You have to connect Tx to Tx and Rx to Rx. Not crossed. And connect the GNDs. You must also connect RTS output of serial adaptor to Reset input of the ethernetboard via a 100nF capacitor. This resets the ethernetboard, starting the bootloader, when the PC is ready to upload the sketch. There is a breadboard example of this somewhere in the "playground". But it is a little misleading, as in reality there is no pin soldered to the RTS output of the mini serial adaptor. I soldered a wire to it.

You can also manually reset the ethernet board between the compiling and the uploading but it requires fine timing.