Arduino Ethernet (board, not shield), where does Wiznet interrupt connect to?

Hello all,

First, if this is the wrong section, please inform me and I'll repost it in the right section.

I'm trying to build my own Arduino Ethernet and cut out some stuff I don't need for a project. I have been using the Arduino Ethernet schematic - - to figure out what goes where. I've successfully traced down everything but the Wiznet /INT pin (pin 56). I have been looking and have no idea where that connects to.

I did a bit of poking around in the Wiznet PDF. I'm a bit unsure on what it's exact function is but I think its used to signal to the MCU that something happened - socket connecting, disconnecting, data receive, timeout, stuff like that. So my thoughts is that it has to connect somewhere to the ATMEL chip, but I have found nothing. The Wiznet chip can be found here -

Does anyone know where the Wiznet /INT (pin 56) is connected to on the Arduino Ethernet board?

Thanks, Matt

MODIFY I have been looking at the PCB layout and I dont think anything is connected to the /INT. Should i just leave it not connected?

It appears that the INT line is not connected to any digital or analog pin on the Arduino ethernet. The ethernet shield also doesn’t connect the INT line to any pin unless you jumper a pad on the bottom of the shield, and then it connects to D2.


Thanks for checking it out too. I was pretty sure it wasnt connected to anything but wanted another set of eyes just for confirmation.