Arduino Ethernet (built in) - getting started

I'm new to Arduino but have general experience of programming microcontrollers (mainly PICs). I have just bought the Arduino Ethernet model and tried running the "blink" demo. The software appears to upload fine (I'm using the USB/serial adaptor) but the LED doesn't blink. I've tried the fixes in the troubleshooting guide. The Ethernet board (as opposed to the Ethernet shield) seems to be quite new and I can't find much specific information on it. Should the "blink" program work on this board without modification? If so has anyone any additional suggestions on how to proceed. I have looked at the schematic for my board and there does appear to be a LED connected to pin 13 output as required. Ultimately I want to use this board to control some equipment via the internet - so I'm sure I have a lot more trouble ahead! Grateful for any help

I recently got this board too, and there’s a lot I cannot figure out with it. Starting at square one, I cant seem to find and address it via ethernet.

I cant seem to find and address it via ethernet.

What sketch are you running on it?

The LED has changed pins on that board. This is from the hardware reference page:

LED: 9. There is a built-in LED connected to digital pin 9. When the pin is HIGH value, the LED is on, when the pin is LOW, it's off. On most other arduino boards, this LED is found on pin 13. It is on pin 9 on the Ethernet board because pin 13 is used as part of the SPI connection.

The ethernet part should initialize like any other Uno/Ethernet shield. Try the test from this post.,132379.msg995799.html#msg995799 Insure you change pin 8 to pin 4 in that code for your model. That device has the SD card on pin 8, and yours is on pin 4.

Thanks SurferTim - changing the LED pin to 9 fixed it. You have kick-started my confidence! The circuit diagram I have, which I thought was for the Arduino Ethernet is obviously not the right one, because it shows the LED as being on pin 13. The diagram is titled ARDUINO ETH Rev 8d. At the moment there does seem to be a shortage of information specific to the Arduino board with integrated Ethernet, as opposed to the Ethernet shield. Many thanks again Geoff