Arduino Ethernet + EasyVR2 Shield. Problem with EasyVR Not Detected (SOLVED)


Im using the Arduino Ethernet + EasyVR2 Shield but when I upload the TestEasyVR sketch to the arduino and its runs, in the serial monitor I get the error: “EasyVR not detected!”

The shield is in the SW mode.

Using the PC mode with the EasyVR Commander the shield is working ok, it can recognize the keywords.

PS: As the Arduino Ethernet is bigger I had to get some raisers for connecting the pins of the shield. I have some unmapped pins (D9,D8,D7,D6). From what I read on the manual they are not needed for normal operation.

Help will be most welcome.

Thank you.

For anyone with this problem, go with this solution (easyVR with Ethernet - #13 by system - Programming Questions - Arduino Forum) for change the pins and it will work.