Arduino Ethernet Gas Meter with Pachube connection

Hi all,

Just a quick note to say that I've just published an article on my blog detailing how I made an Arduino-powered ethernet gas meter. Anyone interested can read more here:

The article is in need of some improvement and I'm committed to taking feedback from the community on how to improve the project. In the medium term I'd like to develop the project into an all-in-one open source gas/electricity meter that anyone can build - so if anyone has any ideas/suggestions/requests on that front, let me know!




I just thought I would post an update to let you know that I have decided to expand this project into one that is capable of reading inputs from multiple utlity meters, i.e. Gas, Water and Electricity. I will be looking to include support for pulse optical pulse output and 'reflective' meters (that is, meters where a photoreflector is required to read an analog value), and I will be making this available as a library.

More details on my blog (link above).

If anyone else has done any work in this arena, I'd be very interested to hear from you or perhaps even collaborate.



Very nice. I've marked this topic a favorite so I can come back to it. It would be a great project to tie gas, water, and electric to a log. I'll have to check out my meters to see if they're compatible and if so, this is going on my project list.

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for posting - let me know what kind of setup you have with the meters and perhaps you could get involved with the testing? Contact details on my blog (