Arduino Ethernet Led Control

I have got an Arduino Ethernet
Is it possible to create a mobile application (Android) to control LED?

There are many already: Best Arduino Remote Control Apps for Android for Wireless Control

Well thank you for the quick reply, and for the link provided above but still, I meant I would like to develop my own android mobile app (using Android Studio, Flutter or any other plateform) in order to control the led in my Arduino Ethernet, is it possible?

Possible, sure. The Arduino can run a website or respond to UDP or TCP - you should be able to find example code for this quite easily.

Writing a native Android app isn't something you're likely to get much advice about here though, I suspect.

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Yes, it is possible, but a lot of work to do from scratch.
There are many what you see is what you get or drag and drop app makers that can speed up the process.
Then, as @wildbill said, the protocol is just using libraries and examples.
If you're not on a tight timeframe this might be a good option.

Alternatively, learning to develop apps from the ground up is also a laudable goal, but that might take anywhere from 3 months to a couple years to produce a decent product.

Thank you.
With UDP, I've established a connection between my Android Application and the Arduino to exchange datagrams (messages).
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