Arduino Ethernet not appearing in Dlink DIR-628 devuce list

First, thanks to everyone who contributes here. I'm new to Arduino and have managed to learn and get things working from all the great information here.

One quirk I've noticed, and it may be the Dlink, is that while I can successfully ping my Arduino from various computers, and successfully display a basic web page, the Arduino does not appear in the list of devices attached to my Dlink.

I assigned an address of as it is below all the dynamically assigned addresses. As I said, I can successfully ping it. The network lights light, and I can access the pages on the webserver - but when I look at the Status tab in the Dlink information, the Arduino is not listed.

Anyone have any experience with this? It's not a huge issue since it's working, but it is nice to double check that it is working by seeing it in the table.