Arduino Ethernet not connecting with Internet anymore

I recently bought an Arduino Ethernet some weeks ago and it was working properly, sending sensor values to cosm. But today it is not even connecting to my modem anymore, I can’t even figure out why.

#include <SPI.h>
#include <Ethernet.h>

#define APIKEY         "0mHaYIze8rsoLDw3VWZ2XSSTZ3-SAKw1QXpXNFh2TW9tVT0g" // replace your pachube api key here
#define FEEDID         52753 // replace your feed ID
#define USERAGENT      "Temperatura" // user agent is the project name

// assign a MAC address for the ethernet controller.
// fill in your address here:
   byte mac[] = { 
  0xDE, 0xAD, 0xBE, 0xEF, 0xFE, 0xED};
// fill in an available IP address on your network here,
// for manual configuration:
 IPAddress ip(192,168,1,60);

// initialize the library instance:
 EthernetClient client;

// if you don't want to use DNS (and reduce your sketch size)
// use the numeric IP instead of the name for the server:
//IPAddress server(216,52,233,122);      // numeric IP for
char server[] = "";   // name address for pachube API

unsigned long lastConnectionTime = 0;          // last time you connected to the server, in milliseconds
boolean lastConnected = false;                 // state of the connection last time through the main loop
 const unsigned long postingInterval = 10*1000;  //delay between updates to

void setup() {
   // start serial port:
   // give the ethernet module time to boot up:
   // start the Ethernet connection:
   if (Ethernet.begin(mac) == 0) {
     Serial.println("Failed to configure Ethernet using DHCP");
     // DHCP failed, so use a fixed IP address:
     Ethernet.begin(mac, ip);

void loop() {
   // read the analog sensor:
   int sensorReading = (analogRead(A0)*(5/1024))*10;   
   // convert the data to a String to send it:

   String dataString = "sensor1,";
   dataString += sensorReading;

   // if there's incoming data from the net connection.
   // send it out the serial port.  This is for debugging
   // purposes only:
   if (client.available()) {
     char c =;

   // if there's no net connection, but there was one last time
   // through the loop, then stop the client:
   if (!client.connected() && lastConnected) {

   // if you're not connected, and ten seconds have passed since
   // your last connection, then connect again and send data: 
   if(!client.connected() && (millis() - lastConnectionTime > postingInterval)) {
   // store the state of the connection for next time through
   // the loop:
   lastConnected = client.connected();

// this method makes a HTTP connection to the server:
void sendData(String thisData) {
   // if there's a successful connection:
   if (client.connect(server, 80)) {
     // send the HTTP PUT request:
     client.print("PUT /v2/feeds/");
     client.println(".csv HTTP/1.1");
     client.print("X-ApiKey: ");
     client.print("User-Agent: ");
     client.print("Content-Length: ");

     // last pieces of the HTTP PUT request:
     client.println("Content-Type: text/csv");
     client.println("Connection: close");

     // here's the actual content of the PUT request:
   else {
     // if you couldn't make a connection:
     Serial.println("connection failed");
   // note the time that the connection was made or attempted:
   lastConnectionTime = millis();