Arduino Ethernet (not shield) not recognized by PC

I've done some searching on this issue but haven't found a conclusive answer. I've got an Arduino Ethernet board (not the shield) and I'm trying to connect it to my Win7 x64 box. I'm using a USB to FTDI cable to connect it to the computer. When connected I do not receive any prompts to install any drivers and no new devices show up in device manager. When I plug it in it is definitely getting power since the LED on the board turns on. I connected the FTDI side with the black wire connecting to the pin marked BLK on the board, so I'm fairly certain I don't have it backwards. The site I purchased it from said I could use either a FTDI cable or the USB2Serial converter, so I decided to get the FTDI cable.

Here's the cable I got:

In my searching I found this page about updating the bootloader on the Arduino Ethernet and figured that may have been my issue: . I have an Uno as well, so I wired it up according to the instructions and loaded the newer bootloader onto the Ethernet, but I still can't get Windows to even recognize that the Arduino Ethernet is connected. Was the website I purchased from wrong and I do need the USB2Serial converter to get this connected to the computer?


Start with installing the latest FTDI "Virtual Communication Port" driver: VCP Drivers - FTDI