Arduino Ethernet or Arduino Uno with Arduino Ethernet Shield

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I'm new in this community and I need a Board, which can communicate with a webserver, act as a webserver, read some digital inputs and uses some relais. But now I'm a little bit confused about the difference between Arduino Ethernet or Arduino Uno with Arduino Ethernet Shield...
Can somebody help me? What are the differences? When should I use which board?
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My understanding is that the main difference is that the Arduino Ethernet doesn't have a USB-to-Serial built in like the Arduino UNO. To program the Arduino Ethernet you probably need an FTDI cable.

What are the differences?

Cost might have something to do with it. My first board was an Etherten. It is fine and comes with Ethernet and an SD card slot. That is two less things to worry about, but it costs about three times what I paid for a Uno plus a shield.

I don't really regret getting the Etherten, but I would not do it again and I submit you need some very pursuasive reasons for getting anything other than a plain-vanilla Uno or Mega.

Thank you guys, for your support.
Sure, there is no USB-to-Serial interface in the Arduino Ethernet. But if I compare the prices (from my retailer in switzerland), it looks like the following:

Arduino Ethernet:
Original Arduino Ethernet without PoE, 56.90 CHF
Arduino USB2SERIAL Light Adapter, 15.90 CHF
Total: 72.80 CHF

Arduino Uno with Arduino Ethernet Shield:
Original Arduino Uno R3 (Atmega328), 28.90 CHF
Arduino Ethernet Shield Rev3 without PoE: 39.90 CHF
Total: 68.80 CHF

It is a small difference of 4.10 CHF. If I pay 4.10 CHF more, than I have exactly the same but on just one board. Right?
Is it easyer to program the interface if I have just one board (just one plattform)? Is it easyer to expand with some new parts (example: LCD display) if I have an Arduino Une as basic?
What your recommendations?

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Having a board with combined facilities should make life easier but getting one and then having to cobble up some USB adapter sounds like making life harder. If you want to go that way, you might consider an Etherten from Freetronics. Not only does it have ethernet and SD card, it is also programmable from USB, plug 'n' go just like god intended, no fiddling with adapters. The price is much the same.

After the EtherTen I have just bought plain boards off eBay. It is much cheaper.

So long as the main board has the standard pin layout, the shields will work the same. I had a problem with an LCD shield clashing with Ethernet, but that would have happened with anything. The problem lay with the LCD shield and was easily fixed..

So long as the board is Uno-compatible, the software will be the same.

Thank you Nick, for your recommendation. Freetronics looks as a nice alternative (but the only difference is the USB interface).

Some other recommendations and meanings?

Some other recommendations

No. I think the Etherten is the best of its kind, but find the plain boards suffice.