Arduino Ethernet POE

I'm looking at the POE Arduino board, what I would love to do is take that POE power use a relay and pull 12 volts (up to 4.5 watts) to flip a electric strike, and a RFID reader which will take anywhere from 5-15 volts at a peak of 121 ma

Is this possible with the Arduino POE ethernet board ?

You would have to tap into the power either at the PoE module, or hack the ethernet wire to pull power out there.

According the the PoE module datasheet here: It has 12v of output, even though the ethernet wire should be carrying something closer to 40 or 45 volts. This is assuming you have the PoE module listed here:

Just tapping into the arduino's power will not do it because that is going through voltage regulators so only has max 5 volts of power on it.