Arduino Ethernet Rev3


I had played a lot with a few Arduino boards and looking for an Internet solution I found the Arduino Ethernet Rev3 that is actually out of stock on various sites. This board would be more than perfect for a project I'm planing to develop, but searching for more info I read that the PoE version had few problems with heating if it was sending data to a server for more than 16 hours.

The PoE would be a plus feature on my project, but I can work without it. The question that brings me here is if it still on production and would be available for buy it? If it so where?



You can try this one, based on the W5500 chipset, though no mention of PoE.

Thanks, I also looked that shield, but I buy the Arduino Ethernet Rev3 w/o PoE on Sparkfun. For the project Im working one of the cons is the budget and the other one is the size, connecting a shield on an Arduino will make it a little more tall. I want to fit it on a great case a found and is perfect for it.

Thank you,