Arduino Ethernet Shied (Wiznet W5100) with a MEGA 2560

i have a problem with the Ethernet shield.

When it is cool transmit and receive data fine . after a while , the W5100 gets hot typically this is normal, but is not responding when trying to Send data.
all the leds on board ethernet shield shuts down only the Power led is ON. and then half a second all led Come up , its like rebooting every time it tries to send data..

if i let it cool for a while , plays normal , after while , the same thing..

i tried powering the combo with
12V 1amp
7,2V 2amp

I changed with a new shield and it works. but i want to save this one...

My shield doesn't get hot, so this isn't normal. Can you make pictures of both sides of the shield and post them here?

not the entire shield just the W5100 (the core chip of Ethernet shield)

i dont have right now the other side.. when i get back home..

The regulator from the ethernet shield gives me 3.3V , so is it the W5100 burned or something? what else do i have to look? the second ethernet shield works just fine with this MEGA. so its not the MEGA fault , just the shield..

PS. when i ping the ethernet shield LEDs except the PWR led , is OFF and right back ON , its like restarting the shield, the mega works fine

Myw5100 chip runs noticeably warmer than ambient (~20 deg. F measured with an IR thermometer).

Does the voltage regulator (the chip between the Ethernet connector and the reset button) get hot too? What does hot mean for you (estimate if you cannot measure it)? Do you have a picture of the bottom side of the shield?

to get a visual this is the problem. video is not mine , but i have exactly the same problem.

On that video is not an Arduino Ethernet Shield but some other Ethernet shield. As I don't have any clue about what components may be on that board, some may be damaged or outside the specs which may lead the WizNet5100 to some malfunction.

Do you have the schematics of your board from your supplier?