Arduino Ethernet shield and xively


My arduino read data on pin8 from a PPD42 dust sensor.

I am looking for a sketch to send data to xively via internet.

Can someone help me.



Hi Jean-Robert

I know there are many examples of doing this with Pachube (what was called a couple of name-changes ago) that an online search will find (link to google search) but I’m not familiar enough with their API to know if it’s changed much between rebrandings. Maybe some of that info can help?


Hi Jean-Robert
I know there are many examples of doing this with Pachube (

The best thing you can do with anything that has Pachube written on it, is ignore it.

Any information you trawl up should be less than one year old.

Check the xively site and get the latest libraries, wherein there will be the relevant worked example. I assume your sensor turns out numeric data like any other. You need to form that into a datastream, wrap it up into a feed, and then send that to xively. The actual posting is a single line. Date/time stamping is done at the other end.

Hey Jean-Robert,
Xively has a tutorial for using Xively with Arduino, there are only slight difference between the WiFi and ethernet code:

Instead of starting with the WiFi code you can just use the "datastreamUpload" or "multipleDatastreamUpload" sketches (as opposed to the wifi versions) that are included in the Xively Arduino library which you can find here: GitHub - xively/xively_arduino: A library for Arduino to make it easier to talk to Xively™