Arduino Ethernet Shield compatibility?

Hello World!

Sometime today, I'll be receiving my Arduino Due and I have a question on using my Wiznet Ethernet Shield from Seeedstudio (clone of Arduino Ethernet Shield). I've read that the Arduino Ethernet Shield (W5100) uses 5VDC; will that be a problem for the Due? I do want to smoke my Due with overvoltage. Also, will I be able to use the Ethernet library with the Due?

Thanks in Advance, Marcos "Kuya Marc" Miranda

It looks to me like the Ethernet Shield is NOT 3.3V compatible, I suggest don't connect it to Due.

There does seem to be an implementation of Ethernet library for Due, whether it works or not is a question. I can't see how it would have been tested with a Due/Ethernet shield, unless there is an unannounced 3.3V version in the works.

ETA: clarify wording

Yes, the Ethernet shield is does not appear to be 3v3 compatible as is, at first glance because the SPI signals are down shifted for the SD card.

The W5100 however is a 3v3 chip with 5v tolerant inputs so it should work, if you don’t need the SD card you might get away with it although there may be something else I didn’t spot in the schematic.


Ok, thanks for the feedback.