Arduino Ethernet Shield - Initialization issue


We had two Arduino ethernet shield modules. We can initialize and ping one module properly. But, another one had issue.

In our program, we setting the GAR, SAR, SUBR and SIPR register with related address on our initialization. after individual setting we read the registers and display throw serial port. But, issue module reply SIPR - 0000 and remaining registers are reply right value.

Here, i have attach my program output screen short and program text file. kindly find it and reply me what’s the actual problem on my module and how to solve the issue.

(kindly refer the link - Integrating Wiznet W5100, WIZ811MJ network module with Atmel AVR Microcontroller | ermicroblog)

ping.txt (6.53 KB)

My first question is; "Why aren't you using the ethernet library?"