Arduino ethernet shield localIp adress is

I’ve went trough some topics here with the same issue but was not able to find anything that works. I have the shield 1.1 version without SD card. Bought it 2 years ago. So I am using the Example code of Web server. If i set my IP to something (yes, i have set the right IP) Ethernet.localIP returns So after looking to documentation i saw that IP is not mandatory, and left it only with the MAC address. Then the script frezzes at server.begin(); tested it with printing to console before and after server.begin. I am new to this, my shield is chinese, not sure if it is bad or what, therefore I ask for your help.


Tried telnet server and it gives me connection failed

Thanks in advance

Often the cause is using the wrong library for the Ethernet controller chip on your shield. The Ethernet library (#include <Ethernet.h>) is for use with the W5100. There are other libraries for W5200, W5500, ENC28J60. Do you have the right library?

Ok, thats something :slight_smile: jie do I find out which model. I am using ? It has only 1.1 written on it

Look at the writing on the top of the largest black chip on the shield. It will have one of the model numbers I listed above.