Arduino Ethernet Shield Not Connecting To Router

So I have an ethernet shield for my Arduino Uno. When I tried using one of the examples given in the Arduino IDE and checked the serial port monitor it said that my IP was I've heard that when it does this it is failing to connect to the router. Could somebody help me with this?

It could be you are using the wrong library for your shield, a bad cable, or a router problem.

Have you tried a different cable? What ethernet shield do you have? It could have a a5100, w5200, w5500, or enc28j60 IC. What brand router do you have? TP-Link routers are known to have problems with the wiznet ICs.

I do have a strong firewall and I've been told that that could of been blocking the connection. I have tried multiple cables but they all ended up with the same thing. I use a PKA04 ethernet shield with a ENC28j60 IC. My router brand is NETGEAR.

Which library are you using? The Ethernet library included with the Arduino IDE doesn't support ENC28j60, it's for W5100 only. For your shield I recommend using:

Thanks, pert. It's working now.