Arduino Ethernet Shield Problem Connecting to Switch/hub

Dear All,

Hello I'm Hengki, please help me to solve my ethernet shield (HanRun) problem. When my ethernet shield connecting directly to the PC that was working correctly, but when connecting to Switch/Hub 100Mbps TP-Link 5 Ports or D-Link 8 ports I got Destination Host Unreachable....
Please Help me...
Thank you

Are you using a cross over Ethernet cable or a pass through Ethernet cable ?
Most modern hubs / switches can cope with either but some older ones wont.

Also make sure the shield is not touching the USB connector as some do and may cause a short.
A small piece of insulation tape was my fix for that.

Ethernet cables can go bad at any time if used a lot plugging in and disconnect etc. try another cable maybe ?

The shield is NOT “HanRun” they only make the connector for the Ethernet.

What do you have also connected to the shield ? (good pictures and schematics are a great help here)

Fact that you have an issue with two switches would say cable or whatever is connected to the shield.