arduino Ethernet shield server problem


i am ashok ,i'm just new to this, i have an embedded sever using arduino and w5100 Ethernet shield.
i am trying to run my server in the port number 125 and ip is I would like to know, Can i run this server without port forwarding on router?
if i can what will i do for that..?
pls help me to solve this....

Yes, but the server will only be accessible from devices on the 192.168.1.x localnet.

thanks SurferTim, and thank you for your reply.
Can i access this through internet..?
Bcoz..i wanna control this server from outside LAN...

Then the answer is no. You must port forward the public IP and port on the WAN interface of the router to the localnet IP and port of the Arduino.

thanks Mr.SurferTim,thank you for your reply.