Arduino Ethernet Shield to read data from database hosting using PHP

Seeking advice on getting the arduino and ethernet shield to read a data from database web using PHP. (i am using a domain name and hosting service for the webpage). for example, i have 2 variable data from my hosting database and i want to send this data to arduino.. I'm still pretty new to Arduino, so I'm not familiar with it.. Thank you very much for any help... :)

Keep the PHP page you use short and simple. It will be easier to parse that way.

Is it a two way street? Do you plan on sending data to the server also?

Do you have client code for the Arduino? I have examples in the playground.

Yes it's two way street.. i need to recipt and send data.. for sending data I've been able to do it. and save them to a server database.. but to receive data from a database server, i still don't have idea.. nope.. i still don't have code for

anyway thank you for your responses...

Here is my code on the playground. When reading the response from the server, check for the blank line (double cr/lf), then parse the rest. Up to the blank line will be header data.

thanks for the advice, I'll try and will inform when it successfully performed... :D