Arduino Ethernet Shield -- USB port to Ethernet bridge

Hello everyone!

I am building a network "proxy" (for lack of better words) to limit the speed of my computer's network.

I have the following things: Arduino R3 Arduino Ethernet Shield for Arduino R3 An SD card A serial to USB port for programming, powering, and receiving network data from my Arduino

My computer's network card downloads and uploads at such a high priority on the network that it slows everyone else down (it basically cuts the internet connection until my connection is done).

Remember, this is to LIMIT and SLOW my computer's network speed. I need this as soon as possible because no one is on the internet right now but me.

Can anyone provide a sketch or code so I can fix this problem? Right now this is the only solution.

Bonus Question 1: Where can I find a windows driver for a serial port that converts to Ethernet data and pretends to be an Ethernet port (as the output will probably be serial)?

Bonus Question 2: How can I log whole files that come through this shield?

Bonus Question 3: How do I periodically stop all data (temporarily), upload (the above) log files to a 'C:/LOG/' directory, and re-enable the download?

Edit: Bonus Question 4: How do I add a switch to put the data directly to serial without throttling the network? It would make it slow still, but that'd be OK.

i think this is impossible, and if it were possible, the arduino will probably slow down your computer's internet connection to a crawl, if it can handle the traffic

i think 'throttling' is done in the router, or maybe in the firewall of the computer?

It’s probably possible.
Think of it like this: request; receive; wait .5 milliseconds; send to serial; wait for further instruction.
It’s not quite as simple as that though.
I need a minimum of 50-75kb/s for slow speed. For the Bonus Question 4, I need the network coming out to be as fast as the Arduino can go.