Arduino Ethernet Shield vs. Seeed W5200


I'm new to Arduino and would like to know if a Seeed W5200 Ethernet Shield is the same as an Arduino Ethernet Shield. I purchased one at the store thinking that it was an Arduino shield but it turned out to be the Seeed W5200. I'd like to use the Arduino Ethernet tutorial and code; can I do this with the Seeed shield?

Thanks, Mike T

Arduino Ethernet Shield uses the W5100 Ethernet controller. The Arduino Ethernet library only supports W5100 so you need to install an Ethernet library that supports W5200. Here are 3 options:

Seeed Studio EthernetV2_0: GitHub - Seeed-Studio/Ethernet_Shield_W5200: Seeed Studio Ethernet Shield V2.0 Library It will require a small modification of the Arduino Ethernet code to work with the Seeed library(change #include <Ethernet.h> to #include <EthernetV2_0.h>).

Modified version of the Arduino Ethernet library that supports W5100, W5200 and W5500 with automatic detection: GitHub - per1234/EthernetMod at W5x00 that will not require any modification of the Arduino Ethernet code to work with the W5200.

WIZnet Ethernet Library: GitHub - Wiznet/WIZ_Ethernet_Library: WIZnet Ethernet Library You must modify src/utility/w5100.h to specify you are using W5200.

I stacked the ethernet shield on top of an Uno… plugged in the router (Netgear) and computer. I downloaded your second choice so that there’s no mod required to the sketch. I uploaded to the Uno and placed a miniSD in the slot on the Seeed shield. I had to comment out one of the header files as it wouldn’t compile (the file was in the sketch folder) I really don’t know what it’s supposed to do, pert. Can I go to a certain IP on the internet and see results? → Thanks, Mike T (367 KB)

Happy to look into this issue(that's actually my library but it's mainly based on the work of Fede85). I use the library constantly in my home automation system. I need to know some more information:

Thanks for giving me a hand, pert… -Mike T

  1. I’m pretty sure that I did, I’ve included a screenshot of my folder path

  2. I’m using the IDE version 1.6.5 which should be the latest

  3. The sketch that I’m trying to use in WebServerWithSD (attached)

  4. I commented out EthernetV2_0.h (151 KB)

MikalT: I downloaded your second choice

From the screenshot that looks like the first library in my list, not the second one. Is that the one you installed? That one should also work fine and may use a less memory than the second library because it only supports the W5200.