Arduino Ethernet Shield/ Xively Client

Hi ALL!!!

My project is using Arduino UNO and Arduino Ethernet Shield. I have some problem with my programming code. I have to display the graph of temperature in the I managed to do the account at By referring to the example source code (Xively Client) in this website, Im running the program. But, somehow it does not display any value at all.

Im attached a file and image that has a source code that I’m using, circuit and response when I’m running the proramming code at the serial monitor

mppt.ino (5.06 KB)

Okay, so from what I can gather, we are getting the 401 error because when we try to access the page, it's an apache2 password protected directory. I don't know the proper way to send the login information for the .htaccess page. I do know that the username and password are the ones for your "Xively" account.

If you can figure out how to properly submit that data to the page then you will be able to get the proper .JSON/RESTful response.

Then, maybe if I include my username and password of my xively account, the data can be send to the page...umm, what do u think...

I actually have all of this figured out xD hahahah.
Okay so what you need to do is go to
At the bottom you will see two text boxes. Click on the top one and put in
except use your username and password for your Xively account

and store that into the attached program, in the variable “userPashHash”

I hope this helps, if you have any issues with the file let me know.

mppt.ino (4.5 KB)