Arduino Ethernet - streaming pin data on a web page

I've managed to use some jquery to control outputs on my Arduino over ethernet, but I want to be able to post messages or pin status on the same page without the need for a refresh.

I have a time limit in my sketch on how many times a button can be pressed in an hour. An example would be if a button were pushed, a message from might say "button has already been pushed".

I've googled everywhere and haven't found a solution or tutorial. Can someone offer a method that doesn't use cosm or processing? I want to keep everything on my own server/arduino.

Just to know that I am understanding you correctly, you are wanting to display data on a webpaged served up by the Arduino in real-time, is that correct? Real-time meaning so that when a data point in your Arduino, whether that be a physical I/O point or an internal data point, changes it initiates a request to update a webpage?

This would imply that the client needs to be known to be connected, sort of like a permanent connection, just like a SCADA system, where a computer or display is permanently connected to its control system?

Or, when you say 'without the need for refresh', do you mean manual user refresh? Would an auto page refresh be a simple fix to meet your needs?

I don't know exactly how your code looks and what functionality it has at present.

Have you given yourself the opportunity to read up on the Webduino library; Look here It might offer some mechanisms or assistance for making your code work better with jQuery.

You may want to look at using json type of structure to do you data transaction, or even ajson, json for Arduino Also, you can decide to either internal or external resource references depending on how you wish to do things. e.g. have your scripts and webpage(s) on say SD card on the Arduino or point to them externally on some other server.

Having the Arduino serve up web content based on client requests is no real problem. The examples do offer a stating point.