Hi, everyone under my preparation for my PFE in sujets'intitule "controls three stepper motor via ethernet using the Arduino." Good idea and motor control 3 (X, Y, Z) has type of "JAPAN SERVO" for example work under the voltage VCC = 24 V and with 1.8 degree / steep. first we must try to validate precisely controlling the first motor which is along the axis of X.So for now I just need to know if I could create a server because I'm a zero in this point! but I know a bit about TCP / IP (mac address and tt) And we have a map arduino Uno and Mega ethernet extension and also MoteurPrototype Shield. the first will try to control a LED to see if it can send a signal to the server using the card (wifi).

And i wanna know also if we can use 2 motorShield to control 2 motors (stepper) .Cauz we have just 2A on channel ...Tnx So much