Arduino Ethernet

I have an application where I need exactly an old "classic" Arduino and a hard-wired Ethernet interface. That is exactly what the Arduino Ethernet was. But it was apparently a short-lived product as the industry (or the fandom) moved on to wireless and "IoT" etc.

But I don't wan't and can't use wireless. For this application I need exactly what the Arduino Ethernet was. An Arduino board with a big Ethernet shield on top is just twice as big as it needs to be (as demonstrated by the form-factor of the Arduino Ethernet).

Since Arduino have apparently abdicated that particular product feature combination, I don't feel so guilty asking for recommendations of 3rd party products. I am looking for a footprint as small as possible, and with integrated Ethernet (RJ45). I don't need lots of I/O. Just an I2C (or two) would be plenty.

Do you really have a problem with Arduino Uno + shield ?
Because that would be reliable, if you buy good products.

This is what you want : Arduino Uno Ethernet : ID 418 : $65.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits.
They have one in stock ! Just one.
I think the price is twice or three times too high.

Thank you @Koepel. I am trying to keep this thing low-profile, little more than the height of the RJ45 jack. Yeah, that price is pretty breath-taking. Clearly a product on its way out. :frowning: