Arduino Ethernet

New user with an Ethernet board. I've searched through numerous posts in the troubleshooting forum but I can't find many instances of people using this particular "flavor" of board. I'm having trouble uploading to the board through my serial connection.

I have a serial to USB adapter wired to what I believe are the correct terminals. I have verified all components are on the correct COM port and have hit the reset button to make sure the board is ready.

When I hit the upload button on the program it appears as though it is going to do it, however after about 1-2 minutes of showing "uploading" it gives me an error that the "programmer is not responding".

Any advice will be much appreciated.


Think we need way more than just the board hes using before help can be given either that or you have a better model crystal ball..

I would refer the OP (Original Poster HERE first)


And Finally HERE

Thank you for the links Ballscrewbob. I’ll try the loop back test to check communication.

In the mean time here is a picture of the board itself – an Arduino Ethernet version.

AE.pdf (204 KB)

That’s an board so thinking you may be better on the other Arduino site just for now.

However the picture paints a thousand words as they say.

Are you trying to run the board by itself as that’s what it looks like.
these are usually “shields” that plug into another actual Arduino and I suspect that’s where you are going wrong.