Arduino - Excel

Hi friends!
I am writing here because I have a question about the software PLX-DAQ.
PLX-DAQ is an add-on for Microsoft Excel that make it easy to import from Arduino to Excel values. I need to import about 50 columns of dates in Excel. Is it possible to do? Exist any version capable to do it? Or other way?
The problem of my version is that the maximum number of columns is 26.
Any idea?
Thanks you!

Is that the original version from Parallax, or the v2 version?

Yes, was the original version from Parallax Download - Parallax. Is version two better? Which is the best version to complete about 50 columns?
Thank you very much!

Definitely the v2.
I thought I was the last original version user left standing. That is because it is all I need and I still use Office 2000. I seem to recall v2 has more columns but I don't know how many. I imagine you are not the first to ask, and it seems tha NetDevil is constantly upgrading his version.