Arduino ExtendedDatabase Files

I have edb sketch.The program makes saving “.db” files in sd card.How do I open this .db files.Arduino is reading but I can not open the file in sd card.Thanks

Library is https://

#include “Arduino.h”
#include <EDB.h>
#include <SD.h>

File dbFile;

#define TABLE_SIZE 512

struct LogEvent {
int id;
int temperature;

void writer(unsigned long address, byte data)

byte reader(unsigned long address)

EDB db(&writer, &reader);

void setup()

Serial.print(“Initializing SD card…”);

pinMode(10, OUTPUT);

if (!SD.begin()) {
Serial.println(“initialization failed!”);

Serial.println(“initialization done.”);

Serial.println(“Opening example.db …”);
dbFile =“example.db”, FILE_WRITE);

db.create(0, TABLE_SIZE, sizeof(logEvent));

Serial.print("Record Count: "); Serial.println(db.count());

Serial.println(“Creating Records…”);
int recno;
for (recno = 1; recno <= RECORDS_TO_CREATE; recno++)
{ = recno;
logEvent.temperature = recno * 2;
db.appendRec(EDB_REC logEvent);

Serial.print("Record Count: "); Serial.println(db.count());
for (recno = 1; recno < RECORDS_TO_CREATE; recno++)
db.readRec(recno, EDB_REC logEvent);
Serial.print("ID: "); Serial.println(;
Serial.print("Temp: "); Serial.println(logEvent.temperature);

void loop()


That code does something. You have not explained what.

If it did what you wanted, I presume that you would not have posted a question, although it is hard to understand what your question is, or how what the code does is different from what you want it to do.

Sorry my english low level.My question : I need open .db extensions.Arduino is open and read db file but I can not open in SD card db file.Which I use program,for db file opened

I need open .db extensions.

The Arduino does not care what the extension is, as long as it is less than 4 characters.

Arduino is open and read db file

That is good, isn't it?

but I can not open in SD card db file.

This appears to contradict your previous statement.