Arduino extents

I was just thinking how much useful will arduino be for me in the future. Will a still be a useful language to be using in about 20 years in the future. When I see advance robots like Atlas or Spot(made by boston dynamics) I think will arduino be used on such advance things.

And two. Can you make a AI or something like program a machine learning in arduino ?

just curious.

Computer programming evolves so quickly that I would not make bets on 2 years hence, never mind 20 years.

Arduinos are programmed using C++ which has been around for a good many years. However C/C++ appears to be facing a challenge from a new language called Rust - who knows whether the challenge will be successful, or how long that might take, or whether something else will come along and oust both of them.

However don't take that as a pessimistic statement. In general, if you are competent at programming in any language the change to another language will not be difficult. And, presumably, continuous efforts are being made to make programming easier just as the C language was (is) much easier than writing code in assembler.

And you can get your last dollar that Boston Dynamics are very far into the future compared to the Arduino system.

The Arduino system is essentially a learning and hobby tool. The mirochips that are used in Arduino boards are, of course, widely used in industry, but the Arduino boards are not.


For many embedded developers, C++ is still considered the new thing. C is still holding very strong in this space. So I think that, unlike software developers who seem to always be ready to jump on the new language flavor of the month, the embedded industry is very conservative when it comes to new languages. I think C++ will have a good long run.

In the world of technology, you really can't expect any specific skill you learn to still be wholly relevant in 20 years. However, if you had learned to program microcontrollers in C 20 years ago, that skill would still serve you well to this day.