arduino feather bootloader and hardware

Hello, I am creating a design using the arduino feather as I guide. I will need to burn the bootloader in it. SO a few questions.

1- It does not look like this processor using the same six pin signal that regular arduino uses? Correct?

2- If thats the case, what are the hardware requirements - connections.

3- What programmer - debugger is required to do this? Can it be done from the arduino environment?

Thank you for your help Jeff

Which feather? Adafruit has "feathers" with at least 3 different chip families?

Assuming you mean the ATmega32u4, then it looks like it uses the same pins (MISO, MOSI, SCK, RESET), but the feather board does not provide the standard connector. The pins are available on the feather, so you can use jumpers to connect them instead...

The datasheet (despite its errors (sigh)), implies that it uses PDI programming rather than SPI programming for serial programming, so I think you probably need a real Atmel programmer that supports PDI, like Atmel ICE or JTAGICE3. It should support the same methods as Leonardo/Arduino Micro.

The feathers are Adafruit products, not Arduino products, and you should probably ask these questions on their forums and/or by looking at their documentation (which is usually excellent...)