Arduino File Structure Issue

I am a newer user to Arduino. While installing the RTC Library from Adafruit, I noticed an issue.

When Arduino first installs, it places a file named 'Arduino' in My Documents. Within there is a folder titled 'libraries'. I then copied and pasted the RTC Library file into the the Library folder and began working with my shiny new Datalogging Shield. I ran into an issue along the way and needed to go into the RTC files. This is where I found the issue. Either Arduino or some other entity recreated the Libraries folder within the current folder. If you open that, lo and behold there is another of the same name. The filing structure then continues downward until it reaches a maximum depth.

C:\Users\username\Documents\Arduino\libraries\libraries\libraries\libraries\libraries.....and so on.

On an XP machine, it gets to the point that Windows will not delete the folder locations.

Has anyone run into this problem? I am still unable to delete the file structure, even after uninstalling Arduino from the computer.